plpygis has no dependencies beyond an installation of Python 2.7.x or 3.6.x. Additionally, plpygis can use Shapely (version 1.6 or greater) if available. Without it, conversion to and from Shapely geometries will be impossible.

Python Package Index

plpygis may be installed from PyPI.

$ pip install plpygis

It is recommended that plpygis is installed into the system installation of Python or it may not be available in PL/Python functions.


The package sources are available at Building and installing plpygis from source can be done with setuptools:

$ python install


Tests require nose:

$ python test


Building the documentation from source requires Sphinx. By default, the documentation will be rendered in HTML:

$ python build_sphinx

For other documentation output formats, see the options in the docs subdirectory:

$ cd docs
$ make